The Pale

Population: 227,000 (75% Amari, 10% Aeryn, 10 % Thalari, 5% other)
Demi-humans: 48,000 (70% Wood-Elves, 15% dwarves, 10% halflings, 5% gnomes)
Humanoids: many (mostly orcs and goblins)
Government: various baronies, freeholds, independent settlements
Current Leader: none
Coat of Arms: varies
Imports: wool, livestock, grain, textiles
Exports: iron, gems, crafts, silver, gold.

The central third of the Northlands, west of Mystwood and east of the Athlan Myr is the region known as the Pale.

The northern borders of the Pale are the Warlock Mountains and the southern border is the Archerwood forest. The Eastern border of the Pale is the Aeryn River, and the western border is the eastern shores of the Athlan Myr.

This region is essentially ungoverned, and can be a dangerous place for travelers and adventurers alike. Only along the eastern shores of the Athlan Myr do small scattered human communities exist.


Most of these settlements are corrupt, poor, and tend toward petty evil. There are some Wood-Elves that still dwell here, in the shadow of their lost civilization to the east.

Also residing here are many marauding bands of orcs, who travel west from Morgoth through Mystwood and freely raid and pillage the Pale on a regular basis. In years past, the kings of Ammarind would send soldiers to drive these orc raiders out, but that has not happened for many years.