The Races of Men

The World of Oris has many distinct human ethnicities; 25 different human racial and ethnic groups are listed below:


The Adari: ("Darklanders," "Saugreth") Originally from the East, these cruel peoples founded the lost Kingdom of Adar, and now inhabit the dark Realm of Drakhara.

The Aeryn: ("Rynnish," Moorlanders") Originally from the Moors, these people founded the lost Ravinian Empire today, they inhabit the modern-day nation of Alveron. The Aeryn speak Rynnish.

The Amari: ("Northlanders") Originally from the Northlands, these people founded the kingdom of Amar. Today, they inhabit the nation of Ammarind. The Amari speak Markesh.

The Ashanti: Tribes of nomadic barbarians that currently live in the east in the Khûrloth Marshes, the Khorlann Steppes, and other unsettled areas of Drakhara.

Cynarans: Originally from Cynara; these red-haired, pale skinned folk founded the kingdom of Urland. Today, most Cynarans inhabit the Isle of Cynara and speak Vaasi.


The Daroon: ("the Shang," "Easterners") Originally from The Far East of Corwyn; these folk founded the ancient Empire of Shang-Zhou, as well as the nations of Kurand and Yamada. Daroon men and women speak Sha-Teng; a unique language with over 1,000 dialects.

the Deskari: Originally from Za'har; these ancient, demon-worshiping peoples founded the lost kingdom of Khorovia on Za'har; they are thought to now be completely extinct.


Eloysians: ("Bronzians", "Bronzefolk") Originally from Azoria; these copper-skinned folk established the lost Eloysian Empire. Eloysians speak Duric.


The Hakeen: Originally from Za'har; these people once founded a great empire on Za'har called Old Xhola, then expanded across the Vhan Myr establishing three powerful island realms of Ilsenene, Rhaygos, and Styr. Eventually, the Hakeen sailed to east Corwyn, and founded the Xholar Empire there. That empire was destroyed by the Üthrari. Today all that remains of Hakeen culture on the continent is the eastern seaport of Zhin. The Hakeen people speak Haak.

The Iskari: ("Westvalians") Originally from Ikharos; the Iskari migrated to Corwyn in the late Third Age to escape the Doom. Afterward, they founded the Kingdom of Iskandar. The Iskari people speak Iskan.

The Kashardi: Commonly called "Dust Barbarians," the Kashardi are one of the oldest ethnic groups on Corwyn. Today, they inhabit the Agatite Mountains and the Valley of Lost Cities.

The Kratheri: ("Red-Men") Originally from Za'har; these peoples fled from the horrors of the Deskari and migrated to eastern Corwyn, where they were eventually enslaved by Thannish colonists from Eldara. The Kratheri people speak Krathic.

The Kunda: Originally from Azoria; these ancient people were enslaved by the Serpent-folk of Nagendra and almost completely eradicated. Now, the remaining tribes live in seclusion, deep within the Sanjaara Jungle. One particular tribe of these people were called the "Na-Ja."

The Olman: Originally from Za'har, these people once founded a great civilization on Za'har called Ataclan. Eventually, the Olman fled from the horrors of Deskari and sailed to Azoria, and founded the Olman Empire, which was later destroyed by the Eloysians. Today all that remains of Olman culture on the continent is the city-state of Xamaclan on the Olman Islands.

The Ralani: ("Southlanders") Originally from Southlands, these people inhabit the nations of Kendar, Rennsfar, and Serathyr. The Ralani speak Ralat.

Shadurians: Originally from Azoria; these ancient peoples founded the lost empire of Sha'Dur; they are thought to now be completely extinct. The Shadurians spoke Duric.

The Shorafi: Originally from the deepest deserts of Corwyn; these ancient peoples founded the lost desert empire of Shorafa in the Sea of Sand; they are thought to now be completely extinct.


The Thalari: ("Icelanders") Originally from the icy-cold Northern Peninsula of Corwyn; these peoples inhabit the nation of Marundi. The Thalari people speak Thaldain as well as Common.

The Thann: ("Thannish") Originally from the Heartlands, these people inhabit the nations of Eldara, Gwynne, Orel, and Thûle. The Thanns speak Thannish and are the largest human ethnic group on Corwyn.

The Üthrari: Originally from eastern Corwyn; these savage people founded the nation of Üthrar.

The Vaas: ("Highlanders") Originally from the Highlands region of Corwyn, this large ethnic group inhabits the nations of Derianor, Elyria, and Erindar. The Vaas people speak Vaasi.

the Velskir: These barbarian tribes are descendants of the ancient people of the lost Sokoro Union. Today, they inhabit the Sokoro Highlands.

The Verassi: These peoples founded the Verassi Dominion. Today, they inhabit the southern regions of Azoria.


The Vilzari: ("Southrons," "Dunlanders") Originally from the deepest deserts of Corwyn, these ebony-skinned people evolved from the Shorafi race. Today, they inhabit the nations of Vilzar, and Nimbor.

The Wildfolk; also known as the "Nolar," or "Stone Barbarians," these barbarians are part of the race of Vaas who did not assimilate into the civilized cultures of Derianor or Erindar. Today, they inhabit the Wildlands region.