The Reach

The Reach is a large region of the Marshlands.

The western and northern borders of the Reach are the Cairn Mountains, and its southern and eastern borders are the Pirate Coast.

Although today, the Reach is largely wild and ungoverned, the entire region was once part of the ancient human kingdom of Ralas. Back then, the region was filled with thriving mining towns, tall towers, and bustling coastal villages, but as resources dried up and the kingdom of Ralas failed, the region fell into anarchy.

After the War of the Celadon ended in 553/6, the new kingdom of Serathyr could not govern this large expanse, and simply abandoned control over the region.

Today, there are many independent humans and dwarvish settlements scattered throughout the region. Although elven realm of Melinarë lies to the north, few elves choose to live here. They seem to shun the wide rocky plains and wastelands of this desolate region.

Points of Interest