The South

The South is a large geographic region of Corwyn, dominated by the vast and oppressive Sea of Sand.

The South could not be more different from the North. Instead of freezing cold, the lands are hot, humid, and dusty. It is made up three separate regions:

There is only one political division here; the desert nation of Vilzar. The Dunlands are the farthest north, and extend right up the Kerak, which separates the region from the kingdom of Eldara.

The Dunlands stretch east to the Erehui Mountains, and west to the Sea of Ralas. The southern boundary is blurred at best, as the region blends into a great desert called the Sea of Sand. South of the Dunlands, the great desert stretches south hundreds of miles to the fertile grasslands of far southern Vilzar.

The desert also stretches east to the Erehui and Redpeaks Mountains, and west to the Sea of Ralas. Also on the eastern side of the Erehui Mountains is the Erehui Valley, a fertile region of life east of the desert. This region is small and nestled between the Sea of Orel and the east side of the Erehui Mountains.

Finally, far to the south is the realm of Vilzar, made up of grasslands, swamps, and green valleys. It should be remembered that the Dunlands, the Sea of Sand, and the southern grasslands are controlled by Vilzari warlords and are considered by them to be their own territory. Only the secluded Erehui valley is denied to the Vilzari, because of its inaccessibility and the hostility of its inhabitants. The South offers as many dangers as the North, both in terms of climate, temperature, and the ferocity of the men who dwell there.