The Vast

The Vast is an extremely large, but sparsely populated region of western Corwyn; made up of large, flat prairies and rolling, grass-covered hills.

The Vast is bordered on the north by the Amari River, on the south by the Anglarand River, on the east by the Steaming Marsh, and on the west by the Axehead Mountains.

The region is made up of rolling, grass-covered hills, and windswept plains. Despite its arid nature; hardly any crops can be grown here, because of the cool climate.

The adverse climate is why the region has never been heavily settled by humans from either Erindar or Ammarind. Another reason few humans settle here, is that the Vast is also home to large tribes of goblins, orcs, and gnolls, who prey on whomever they come upon.

It is no small wonder that the few folk hailing from this region are hearty souls. There are a few caravans that traverse the region from north to south, going to and from between the cities of Arkan Feyr and Chelstad, but otherwise, the region is largely ignored.


The Vast is also home to the Freehold of Norwald, the Free City of Redmark, the mining settlement of Diamond Lake, the village of Hommlet, and the Temple of Elemental Evil.

In the distant past, this region was home to the great battle of Pesh; the fallen were buried in ancient tombs in a region known as the Cairn Hills.