The West

The lands of the West are the richest, most diverse, and most well-known of all the regions of Corwyn.

This enormous region encompasses all of the lands west of the great Saugreth-Muir Mountain range all the way to the coast of the Wyn Myr Ocean. The West is divided into seven large geographic regions: the Heartlands, the Highlands, the Melinar Forest, the Moors, the Northlands, the Southlands, and the Westvale.

Although the West is populated by elves, dwarves, and men of six different races, what unites them is a general disposition toward justice and decency. One does not usually find despots, tyranny, slavery, or terror in this part of Corwyn, and that is what sets it apart from the other great regions of the continent.

The exceptions to this general rule are found in ungoverned areas which have fallen into shadow and anarchy, such as Mystwood, the Pale, the Reach, and the Vast.