Lost Elf-Realm of Thekarë

Thekarë; which means "Home in the Trees" in the Silvanestri tongue, was a nation of Wood-Elves which once existed in the Silvarwood; before it was destroyed by Alokkair in the year 1233/4.

When the elven nation of Ectharë collapsed at the end of the Second Age, it broke into three smaller and distinct Elf-realms in an event called the Sundering. The Elven-realm located farthest north was called Thekarë.

Over time, the elves who settled here became known as the Wood-Elves, or ‘Thekyr.’ Unlike the Elven-realms of Wyntharë, and Melinarë; the nation of Wood-Elves took up the task of keeping vigil on the dark forces of the East.

The Wood-Elf-kings of the House of Liëflynne kept a solemn vigil upon the East and their warriors and rangers protected the West from its evil for centuries. They knew that the curse of the Dark-Elves had permanently stained the lands of the East, and evil would always thrive in that dreadful region.

The Wood-Elves of Thekarë made their capital the beautiful forest city of Therakan, called the ‘Circle of Trees,’ and the Wood-Elf Kings sat upon the famous Oakheart Throne. The forest that surrounded Thekarë became known as the Silvarwood, and the Wood-Elf culture that thrived was a wonder to behold.

Unlike the western Elf-realm of Wyntharë, and the southern Elf-realm of Melinarë, the northern Elf-realm took upon itself the task of keeping vigil on the East. The Elf-kings of Thekarë solemnly watched the East and their warriors and rangers protected the West from its evil for centuries.


They knew that the curse of the Dark-Elves had permanently stained the East, and that nothing good would ever come from that dreadful region. In the Third Age, the Wood-Elves also expanded west through the region known today as the Pale and established Malanäe; a small coastal city on the east shores of the Athlan Myr.

From Malanäe, they traded with the men of both Thalar and Amar, as well as dwarves of the north. But their presence was known to Alokkair in the East, and he greatly desired to destroy the Wood-Elves, and remove them as a threat to his domination of the West. Also, Alokkair harbored a deep hatred for the Wood-Elves and wished to avenge his earlier defeat at their hands, at the Battle of Orgorod. Eventually, through a series of wars, the Wood-Elves of Thekarë were greatly weakened and their vigil on the East waned as Alokkair grew strong again behind the Saugreth-Muir.

In 1233/4, Alokkair made his boldest move. Under his direction, a huge orcish army led by a terrible Demon named Vorilax invaded the Silvarwood and completely destroyed the Wood-Elf realm of Thekarë. The elvish city of Therakan was left in ruins and the Wood-Elves were all slain or forced into exile. At this time, the three Silvarils of the Wood-Elves were lost as well, but legend says that the Demon-Lord never found them. The stones were hidden by the Wood-Elves in the secret tomb of Anarion Liëflynne; the last fallen Elven King of Thekarë.

After Alokkair’s invasion, the Elf-city and the woods around it became a haunted place of dread called Mystwood, in which no Wood-Elf will dare to tread, even today. The few surviving Wood-Elves who escaped the attack upon their homeland migrated southeast to the Ravenwood, and to other scattered woodlands as well. A few even joined with the High-Elves of Melinarë. The symbol of the Wood-Elves of Thekarë was a tree, a shooting star, and three orbs, all in gold, on a dark green field. The Elf-realm of Thekarë encompassed the territory of what is today the Mystwood Forest.