Lost City of Therakan

Therakan, which in elvish, means ‘Circle of Trees,' was once the capital of the Wood-Elf realm of Thekarë.

Today, the tangled, overgrown ruins of this former elvish city lie deep within the haunted forest of Mystwood.


Therakan was founded after the fall of Ectharë, and became the capital of the Wood-Elves.

Within the city was the magnificent Autumn Palace, home to the famed Oakheart Throne.

The elves of Therakan took up the mantle of guarding the north against Alokkair, for the city was located near the approaches to the Saugreth-Muir.

Alokkair had long hated the elves and plotted their ultimate destruction. In 1233/4, he sent a huge army of orcs, led by Vorilax, into the Silvarwood and destroyed the city.

Neither the Wood-Elves nor men have ever tried to rebuild the city of Therakan, and the only way to find its location is using the Theras-Alerë Road.

Only the most experienced adventurers dare to brave the cursed forest of Mystwood in search of the secrets of this fallen city.