King Theron Arvedui "Redbeard"

Theron Arvedui; known as "Redbeard," was a famous Dwarven King of Khûrzhad, who was slain at the Battle of Orgorod.

When Alokkair began the Gauth War and attempted to overthrow the Council of Sorcerë, Theron answered their desperate call for aid.

In the year 252/3, He marched from Orthan Feyr with a large dwarf army, and fought heroically against Alokkair's Gauth and orc-hordes at the Battle of Orgorod. Sadly, he was slain on the field of battle.

In recognition of his sacrifice, the Saar later bestowed one of the five Val-Khûra stones upon the Dwarves of Khûrzhad.

Theron was succeeded on the Tilvium Throne by his son; Thord.