The Third Age; the "Age of Sorcery"

The Third Age; commonly called the "Age of Sorcery," lasted 1,179 years and began with the expansion of the race of men in the world. It also witnessed the rise of Alokkair; the Lich-King.

In these ancient times, the race of man began to master the art of magic and formed the Council of Sorcerë to control its use.

At this time, a dark power began to grow in the eastern lands formerly used by the Dark-Elves, under a protégé of the Dark-Elves named Alokkair.

Alokkair was a Gauth sorcerer who had served under the Dark-Elves, learned their secrets and now planned to use them to conquer Corwyn.

The Council of Sorcerë recognized this danger and created several powerful magical artifacts to combat the coming darkness.

The Council created the Orenthir, a device of supreme power that would be given to the prophesized one who would unite the West.

They also created seven great swords set with powerful magical gems called the Melanthir; or ‘Guardian-Stones.’

One was given to each one of the Seven Champions of the West; seven leading noble houses that had distinguished themselves in courage and leadership.

The age came to its climactic end with the invasion of the West by Alokkair, a powerful lich-lord who by then controlled the entire East.

The Council and the seven champions defeated Alokkair and imprisoned him. They felt the West was secure and went on to form seven great kingdoms throughout the western half of the continent.

With the first victory over Alokkair, the Third Age ended.