The Third Age; the "Age of Sorcery"

The Third Age; commonly called the "Age of Sorcery," lasted 1,179 years. Many important historical events took place during this era.

The Dawn of Man

The Third Age began with the expansion of the race of men into the continent of Corwyn.

In the beginning, there were five distinct tribes of men, spread across the Continent: the Ryndar, the Ralani, the Thaldain, the Thann, and the Vaas.

A sixth tribe, the Iskari, migrated to Corwyn from Ikharos later in the Third Age, after fleeing the "Doom." By the end of the era, the race of men would be the dominant group on Corwyn.

The Establishment of the Council of Sorcerë

The Elves watched the the rise of men with both suspicion and excitement. They believed that men would eventually learn the secret of magic, and wanted to be able to control that power.

So, the Elves willingly gave the secret of magic to the human race, but also created a body that would control its use. This body of human wizards became known as the "Council of Sorcerë," and their members were called "Saar." That Council was modeled after the Synfari; a similar council of Elven wizards.

The elves worked closely with the Saar to build a great fortress into the side of Mount. Orendren, the magical epicenter of Corwyn. This castle was called Erôn-Mystarë, and within its vast forges and furnaces, many powerful magical artifacts would be created.

The Rise of Alokkair

The Third Age also witnessed the rise of Alokkair; a powerful sorcerer. Alokkair was a Gauth; a magically-bred hybrid race created by the Dark-Elves. The Gauth served their Drow masters during the War of Wrath, which raged throughout much of the Second Age. Alokkair was a protégé of the Dark-Elves, and while serving them, learned many of their dark magical secrets.

The Gauth War

Alokkair hated the races of the West and greatly desired the magical powers of the Saar. In the year 252/2, he amassed a huge army of orcs and Gauth warriors and prepared to march on Erôn-Mystarë and take it for himself.

The Saar had no armies of their own, and sent desperate pleas for help to every ruler on Corwyn. All three races of elves, the five clans of dwarves, and all seven races of men answered the call.

The Battle of Orgorod

The combined alliance of elves and dwarves met Alokkair's hordes upon the field of Orgorod. It was a terrible battle, where many thousands lost their lives. The western alliance was victorious and it was believed at that time, Alokkair had been slain upon the battlefield.

The Bestowal of the Orbs

The Saar were eternally grateful to those that had come to their aid, and the sacrifice so many had made. As tokens of their appreciation, the Saar created many powerful orbs and then bestowed these artifacts upon the races who had saved them. the three elven races were each given three Silvarils, and the five dwarven clans were each given an Val-Khûra.

The Prophecy of the Raven

For many long years, the Saar believed Alokkair had been slain at Orgorod, but eventually they came to the realization that he had indeed survived ad was becoming powerful once again.

Around this same time, one of the Saar, a wizard named Thromm, had a vision. He foresaw a great darkness coming upon the west. He also foresaw a woman, bearing the symbol of a bird upon her body, who would lead humanity against the forces of evil.

Recognizing this danger, the Council created seven powerful magical weapons to combat the coming darkness. These powerful swords were called the "Elanthir," and one was designated for each of the seven races of men.

It was thought that these weapons would unite the tribes of men together, which would be necessary in the coming fight against Alokkair. Although the race of Vaas refused the weapon, and instead two were given to the Thanns.

Believing the prophecy, the Saar also began work on the Orenthir, an artifact of unrivaled power that would be given to the prophesied one, once she appeared had proved herself.

The War of the Elanthir

The age came to its climactic end with the invasion of the West by Alokkair, a powerful lich-lord who by then controlled the entire East.

The Imprisonment of Alokkair

The Council and the seven champions defeated Alokkair and imprisoned him. They felt the West was secure and went on to form seven great kingdoms throughout the western half of the continent.

With the first victory over Alokkair, the Third Age ended.