Thirifane Rhivaldi

Lady Thirifane Rhivaldi is an important member of the House of Rhivaldi and is the only living member of her ancient house.

Lady Thirifane is a fetching, wealthy widow, who currently controls all family interests; including several business and large land-holdings in the Rockdale region. She is, therefore, the most sought-after bride in Caldera's noble society.

Lady Thirifane has had much tragedy in her life. Fifteen years ago, her lord husband, a wealthy merchant named Delario, died of a strange, wasting disease. Then, ten years ago, her older brother Jakob was murdered by his own wife, who then killed herself, in one of the most infamous scandals in recent Calderan history.

The couple's eldest daughter Rachel, then fled the city in her grief to live in Sasserine, while the youngest daughter; Rhianon, was 'adopted' by Lady Thirifane. As a result of these shocking events, most common folk gossip that Lady Thirifane and her entire family are cursed by the Gods.

Recently, she has taken on the responsibility for arranging the upcoming marriage between Lord Ochio Vhalantru and her niece; Rhianon Rhivaldi. Thirifane lives alone with her servants, in what is widely considered the most ostentatious display of wealth in Caldera; a multi-leveled, lavish mansion, complete with tall towers and pure opulence.