Freehold of Thorndale

Capitol: Thornhill (population: 6,500)
Population: 33,000 (93% Vaas, 6% Iskari, 1% other)
Demi-humans: 9,000 (44% dwarves, 32% elves, 8% halflings, 16% gnomes)
Humanoids: few
Government: Freehold
Current Leader: Viscount Thoren Waymar
Coat of Arms: a pale green tree on an orange field.
Imports: grain, livestock,
Exports: iron, gems, rare magic items

Located at the eastern edge of the Kronarwood Forest, Thorndale is a small, secluded Freehold of the Kingdom of Erindar

The Freehold of Thorndale is located in a secluded woodland valley, directly west of the Axehead Mountains, and was once an active colony of the kingdom of Erindar, before it declared its independence 700 years ago.

The Freehol derives its wealth from timber, felled in the Kronarwood, which it trades with Orrek for iron ore and gems mined deep belowthe Axehead Mountains.


Because those Mountains and parts of the Kronarwood are infested with orc and goblin tribes, the Freehold's capitol of Thronhill often serves as a staging area for bands of adventures and mercenaries.

The surrounding region, once held several human civilizations now lost to history. Today, there are scattered ruins, crypts, and dungeons founde throughout the region.

Today, the entire freehold is bordered by a large twenty-foot tall barrier hedge of magical thorn bushes, which are virtually impregnable. Even if intruders or raiders pass this barrier, the freehold has a force of more than 500 mercenary soldiers at its disposal to deal with them.