Three Rings of Tian

The Three Rings of Tian; also known as the "Rings of the Heavens," were three sacred Daroon artifacts, that were once held by the Three Sovereigns of the Far East.

All three rings were crafted by the ancient Gods of the Heavens, and given as gifts to three heroes of the First Age. These three men became known as the Three Sovereigns; they ruled the Far East for many long years before all were defeated by the Warlord Zhou Xing-ha, who captured all three and founded the Empire of Shang-Zhou.

All Three rings were lost or destroyed in the terrible War of the Three Rings, which also destroyed the Empire of Shang-Zhou and led to the creation of the modern nation of Kurand.

Three Three Rings of Tian were:

  • Tian-Shen (the Ring of Earth)
  • Min-Kai (the Ring of the Winds)
  • Shen-Zhu (the Ring of Fire)