(pop:3,700) Thrushmoor is a large town located in the Pale, along the eastern shores of the Athlan Myr. It is also the capital of an independent Barony of the same name.

This large, sprawling settlement is predominantly a fishing community, and the capitol of the independent Barony called Thrushmoor.

It is currently ruled by Baron Loris Hazelton. Only a few miles offshore is Briarstone Isle; home of the Briarstone Asylum.

In the center of town is Castle Halcyon; a massive fortress which towers over the town and is home to the Baron.

Thrushmoor is primarily a fishing town, as the temperate climate and quiet waters of the Athlan Myr provide the anglers with profitable activity all year long.

The fishing boats stop their trade only in the deepest throes of winter, and even then, the tranquil inlet of the port provides an ideal spot for ice fishing.

As part of the Pale, the town fosters extremely hardy and tenacious stock: men and women who firmly believe that no matter how bad it gets, history shows it could always be worse.

Although the surrounding region has little to offer rural peasants, Thrushmoor has long provided a safe refuge.

Prominent Local Figures

  • Avery;
  • Danforth; the Barons's Seneschal
  • Baron Loris Hazelton; ruler of both the town and the surrounding region
  • Jervas; Owner of the Scarecrow, a local inn & tavern
  • Lilly;


Originally established by the Amador, a settlement has existed here, in some form or another, for over 1,000 years.


The earliest settlers from the Kingdom of Amar found a bounty of clean water and abundant fishing here, although many felt that the area was somehow cursed.

Even though the local population enjoyed all the resources they needed to survive, danger seemed to lurked behind every shadow, and something always seemed to go wrong with their efforts to tame the land.

Thrushmoor Vanishing

Seven hundred years ago, every resident of Thrushmoor mysteriously disappeared in an event known as the "Thrushmoor Vanishing."

The town was eventually re-settled, but to this day its inhabitants believe that the area is cursed or haunted by something called the "Briarstone Witch."

Legend has it, the only reminder of the "vanishing" are two obelisks in town, know locally as the "Star Stelae." Ever since this strange event, the area has been plagued with many instances of locals going mad.

It was for that reason that a wealthy local nobleman named Kievan Rusk built the Asylum on Briarstone Island over a century ago.

Recent Events

The town of Thrushmoor is home to the Barony’s ruling family; House Hazelton.

The town maintains a veneer of propriety despite its sinister underbelly. Baron Loris Hazelton takes a largely hands-off approach to rule, leaving most governing duties to his Seneschal; Danforth.

The Baron’s reclusive tendencies rarely impact Thrushmoor’s daily activities.

It is said, Loris spends most of his time holed up in the fortress of Castle Halcyon, poring over ancient tomes and manuscripts dedicated to dark, occult topics.