Thürgen Feyr

Located under the Swordpoint Mountains, Thürgen Feyr is the capital of the ancient dwarvish realm of Urkhar.

The city, which means the "Hall of Fire" in dwarvish, was built in the Second Age by Kyros the Proud of the Krandåhk Clan. As the former capital of Urkhar, Thürgen Feyr was once home to the Firestone Chair.

This city, which was considered stunningly beautiful, was destroyed by Grumak the Skullcrusher and his goblin army in 592/3. During the campaign, King Khargan the Luckless was slain and his Clan destroyed.

After the War of Sorrows ended, the city was rebuilt, but it never regained its former glory. Today, Thürgen Feyr remains an important trading center and is ruled by the Belthas Clan. The Clan leaders no longer sit on the Firestone Chair and are subjects of King Andrathor of Orrek.

The city is accessible via the High Road that leads west to Donareth and the Axeway that leads north to Hüertgen.