Red-Dwarves; (The Thûngol)

The Red-Dwarves; or "Thûngol," in the dwarven tongue, are the legendary Hill-Dwarves of Corwyn.

These dwarves are usually found in the Southern regions of Corwyn, most dwell near the thriving Dwarf-realm of Kharos-Thûngol, located in the Cairn Mountains. However, they are not as common as their northern brethren. The Hill-Dwarves have red, brown, or black hair, green, gray, or brown eyes, and greyish skin the color of putty.

Hill-Dwarves wear bright colors, and also allow their beards to grow long. Hill-Dwarves are the minority of their race, and make up about 20% of the dwarvish population on Corwyn. Hill-Dwarves are usually found in southern regions and warmer climates.

These dwarves are not hostile toward their northern cousins, but there is some coolness in their relations, for the northern dwarves have always tried to dominate their southern cousins. The term Red-Dwarves comes from the fact that most southern dwarves have long red beards, or brown beards, flecked with red. Most dwarves of the south have been ‘kissed by fire.’ Also, the Skarlahn Mountains are called the Mountains of Red Stone.