King Tilvanos Kharata

King Tilvanos of the Kharata Dynasty ruled the kingdom of Eloysia between the years AR -38 and AR -17.

During his reign on the Jade Throne, Tilvanos battled huge hostile tribes of Tasloi and Serpent-folk, and was never defeated in battle; gaining the title of "Serpent-Slayer."

His many victories greatly expanded Eloysian territorial holdings far to the south and east. Tilvanos' greatest victory was the final defeat and destruction of the serpent-folk empire of Nagendra in the so-called Venom Wars. Tilvanos' greatest legacy was that Eloysia became a great military and political power, surpassing even her neighbor Sha'Dur.

By the time of his death, Tilvanos had made a strong alliance with Sha'Dur, conquered the city-states of Quelaara and Dhal Ciona, and utterly destroyed the serpent-kingdom of Nagendra.

His legacy was that the fledgling Kingdom of Eloysia held sway over much of the central region of the Sanjaara Jungle. One of the most important alliances Tilvanos made was with the Iridescent Order of Sha'Dur.

From the Shadurians, he learned much culture, science, philosophy, and most importantly, magic. Tilvanos then passed that knowledge on to his children and notably his grandchild; Al'Dur.

Unlike many of his peers, Tilvanos refused to keep the Shadurian tradition, and retained his traditional Eloysian name. But after his death, his daughter; Queen Lorica, married a prince of Garuda and raised her eldest son, Al'Dur in the Shadurian ideals. Tilvanos' grandson; Al'Dur was taught by Aristos; a senior tutor from at the Prestige Academies of Garuda.

Al'Dur would eventually eclipse his father's military achievements by expanding Eloysian territory even further, conquer nearly the entire continent of Azoria, and be proclaimed the first Eloysian Emperor in his lifetime.