Trail of Skulls

The Trail of Skulls is a ‘road’ of sorts created by the failed expedition of King Eladan Myrnäe III, in 430/5. The king and 25,000 of his soldiers were slain by the Vilzari as they pursued them across the Sea of Sand.

As the Ravinian army’s supplies ran out, the Ravinian armies were subjected to continued attacks and raids, which killed or captured thousands of Imperial soldiers.

The Vilzari captured thousands of Eladan’s men alive, then buried them up to their necks in the desert as a warning to the Ravinian Empire to stay out of their homeland.

Never again did the Ravinian Empire conduct an expedition into the great desert, but instead chose a strategy of defensive fortifications in the form of a great barrier wall called the Kerak. To this day the entire incident is referred to as ‘Eladan’s Folly.’

Only a handful of men ever returned alive from this disastrous expedition including Eladan’s young son Erstan, who brought back his father’s Elanthir sword; Avenger.

Today, the trail is used by merchants as a north-south trade route, running between the Gateway Keep and the Oasis at Ril Tar.

In a macabre decoration, thousands of bleached skulls mounted on tall poles mark the route along its entire distance.