Freehold of Trevalia

Capitol: Ansilay (population 7,000)
Population: 58,000 (92% Thann, 7% Adari, 1% other)
Demi-humans: 21,000 (75% dwarves, 5% elves, 10% halflings, 10% gnomes)
Humanoids: many
Government: Freehold
Current Leader: Viscount Galen Trevallë. (N 6th level aristocrat\4th level fighter\4th level rogue)
Coat of Arms: a circle of seven dark red bloodstones on a blue field.
Imports: vegetables, grain, silver, gold
Exports: bloodstones, iron, Dwarf-crafts

Trevalia is a large freehold and protectorate of Gwynne, located in a secluded valley, deep within the southern side of the Salakrün Mountains, east of the ruins of Krone Feyr. The freehold is neutral and profits by its position along Waymeet Pass; the narrow mountain passage across the Salakrün Mountains that divide the realms of Morgoth and Gwynne. In return for tolls, the freehold guarantees safe passage along the Ansilay Road that runs south from the city of Kuldhûr to the Gwynnish capitol of Ashara. The freehold has built a wooden barrier wall on both the northern and southern borders of the valley, and its troops garrison the north and south gates along Waymeet Pass. Recently, Trevalia has been more and more heavily taxed by the Royal Court of Gwynne, and life in the high mountain valley is harder than it used to be. Trevalia was originally a freehold of the kingdom of Rhodara, before that kingdom was destroyed and the smaller kingdom of Gwynne then took control of the freehold. The Viscount of Trevalia has a force of nearly 500 mercenaries to protect the narrow mountain passes as well as the interior territory of the freehold. Trevalia’s most dangerous rival is her northern neighbor, the freehold of Hintersham.