Freehold of Trevalia

Capitol: Ansilay (population 7,000)
Population: 58,000 (92% Thann, 7% Adari, 1% other)
Demi-humans: 21,000 (78% dwarves, 2% elves, 10% halflings, 10% gnomes)
Humanoids: many
Government: Freehold
Current Leader: Viscount Galen Trevallë
Coat of Arms: a black fleur-di-lis on a violet field
Exports: Bloodstones, iron, Dwarf-crafts

Trevalia is a large independent freehold located in the secluded Ansilay Valley, deep within the center of the Salakrün Mountains. The Ansilay Valley that is home to the freehold is a very strategic spot. To the direct west lies Trailsend; a craggy mountain path to the abandoned dwarvish ruins of Krone Feyr. To the east lies the the only known entrance to the Bloodstone Mines (other than through the ruins of Krone Feyr). To the north, lies the hostile Morovar Pass, protected by the Dwarf-Gate, and to the south is Waymeet Pass, protected by the Bloodstone Gate. From these two border strongholds, many caravans pay the tolls and proceed north to Morgoth, or south to Gwynne. The freehold tries to keep a position of neutrality and profits by its position


In return for tolls, the freehold guarantees safe passage along the Ansilay Road that runs south from the city of Kuldhûr all the way to the Gwynnish capitol of Ashara. Recently, Trevalia has been pressured by the Royal Court of Gwynne, and life in the high mountain valley is harder than it used to be. The Viscount of Trevalia has a force of nearly 2,000 mercenaries to protect the entrance to the two narrow mountain passes as well as the interior territory of the freehold.

Bloodstone Mining

A second major source of revenue for the Freehold is the trade in Bloodstones. These precious gems are still extracted from the upper Bloodstone Mines, located in the Ansilay Valley, although at a fraction of the volume of the ancient Dwarven mines of Kronar.

Recent Troubles

For the past several years, the Freehold has been going through difficult times. Once supported by the nation of Gwynne, Trevalia is now completely on its own; militarily and politically. The northern end of the freehold has been infiltrated by a growing number of bandits and brigands, led by a mysterious figure called the "Grandfather of Assassins." The Viscount has tried to avoid bloodshed by negotiating with the bandits, but every year their demands for tribute grow higher and higher. Soon the Bandit army will be strong enough to assault the fortified town of Ansilay and take the freehold over for themselves.