Triumveration is an extremely powerful spell used by the Veiled Society, in which a Triad; a three-wizard strike team, works together to simultaneously magnify and amplify their magical powers. The secret of the Triumveration spell is among the most closely-guarded secrets of the Society.

Mechanics for game play:

Three Society wizards stand in a circle, all three have must have previously memorized the 9th level spell of Triumveration, which all three then must cast on contingency, with the following effects:

1. A powerful globe of magical energy surrounds all three with DR 25 to all forms of energy and weapons attacks.
2. All saving throws for the 3 wizards are increased by 50%, as well as the DR for opponents against their spells cast.
3. On their turn, all 3 wizards cast an offensive spell of their choice and all effects are increased as if the following METAMAGIC feats were employed: Enlarge Spell, Empower Spell, Heighten Spell, Fortify Spell, Extend Spell, Energize Spell, Cooperative Spell, and Disrupt Spell