Rumored to be descended from dragons; Troglodytes are a a fierce and brutal reptilian race, who dwell on the continents of both Corwyn and Azoria.


Troglodytes appear as reptilian humanoids, shorter than the traditional human, with thin but muscular arms and squat legs. Their skin is a mottled grayish-brown, with beady, yellow reptilian eyes. The creatures stand about five-feet tall; with a unique frill on top of their head, and a long tail. Troglodytes exude a unique odor, which is considered extremely unpleasant to most other races; troglodyte musk is so strong, it can be smelled from quite a distance. On Azoria, the majority of troglodytes inhabit the vast Sanjaara Jungle, and are hated by other jungle dwelling races; the Tasloi, the Gnolls, and the Serpent-folk. On Corwyn, most troglodytes usually live below ground, in damp, foul caves. Others dwell in swamps or marshy regions.


Little is known about the history of the troglodytes, other than their possible descendance from the dragons. Troglodyte priests worship the overlord Masvirik; the Cold Sun. The creatures believe their race was created by Masvirik, sculpted from the corpse of Calegorax, the so-called "Prince of Dragons." The largest population of troglodytes on Oris is in the Sanjaara Jungle, where they hide beneath the dense tropical tree canopy. For centuries, the fierce war-like nature of these humanoids made then perfect for the slave armies of the Eloysian Empire, and entire legions of these creatures fought in hundreds of battles for the Empire and aided in its conquest of the Continent of Azoria.


The troglodytes worship their own pantheon. However, many sages have made links between their gods and the Dark Gods, Al-Karym and Akhmahra, and believe the troglodytes simply worship aspects of these two gods.