Tunston Uprising

(1033-1036/6) The Tunston Uprising was a long and bitter civil war within the kingdom of Elyria, that overthrew the Crannock Dynasty, and resulted in Furion Whitacre becoming its newly-crowned King.

Over the years, much of the Elyrian nobility grew discontent with the Crannock Dynasty. Trouble began when Lord Silas Tunston became the Viscount of the Elyrian Freehold of Grüenwald. Silas was an ambitious, greedy, nobleman who desired the Darkwood Throne for himself.

Secretly, he was backed by Duke Furion Whitacre, who secretly had ideas of his own. In the year 1033/6, Queen Vanessa Crannock died, and her young son, Corbray II, took the throne. Soon after, Silas openly declared against King Corbray II. He sensed the young king was weak and inexperienced and that the Darkwood Throne was ripe for the taking.

The Elyrian countryside soon became the site of bloody fighting; as the forces of Grüenwald and other rebel lords sparred with loyalist forces. The fighting went on for nearly four years, and it appeared that the war was becoming a stalemate.

In the year 1036/6, Duke Furion Whitacre; ruler of the duchy of Shadowfen, saw an opportunity. He had been playing the role of loyal vassal for three years, all the while plotting to destroy the Crannock family. Furion convinced King Corbray to ride out with his soldiers and engage the rebel forces on the fields of Wendonford. Once there, Furion betrayed Corbray and ordered the forces of Shadowfen to switch sides.


The loyalist army was caught between the rebel forces of Grüenwald on one side, and the forces of Shadowfen on the other. The battle soon became a rout; and in the ensuing melee, King Corbray was killed leading a desperate cavalry charge against a line of pikemen trying to prevent his escape. With his death, the Crannock Dynasty ended.

After the end of the fighting, Furion Whitacre betrayed and murdered Silas Tunston during the "Night of the Red Knives;" soon after, he was proclaimed the new King of Elyria.