Twilight War (Thannish Civil War)

(33-38/4) The Twilight War was a brutal conflict between rival factions of the kingdom of Valdor, specifically between two half-brothers; Eldan and Rhodan.

The war began because of a long-simmering sibling rivalry between the two sons of Valden the Conqueror; who always hated each other. Upon their father's death, that hatred sparked into open warfare. After nearly six years of terrible bloodshed, the war finally ended with Battle of Neriya; where Rhodan's forces were defeated he was forced to ask for terms.

Afterward, the kingdom of Valdor splintered into the kingdoms of Eldara and Rhodara; with two-thirds of former Valdorian territory was ceded to Eldara and only one-third ot Rhodara.


The Thannish civil war was called the "Twilight" War because Valden built a huge Thannish Empire throughout Corwyn, only to see it crumble upon his deathbed.