(population: 55,000) [pronounced Tee-more] Tymor is the capital and largest city of the island kingdom of Rennsfar. The city is one of the great seaports of Corwyn.

This large seaport is located on the southern coast of the island kingdom of Rennsfar. Although the city is accessible via the Rennsfar Road that leads to the cities of Alarë and Carillon, it is both faster and easier to sail around the island than trek through it.

Tymor is often called the "City of Wine and Song," for its chief exports are barrels of red wine and talented bards trained in the city of Carillon. Tymorian arbor wine is famous throughout Corwyn, and is not only delicious but quite potent as well. It is for this reason, Serathians derogatorily refer to the Rennsfari as the "Lords of Wine."

Tymor is considered one of the great Seaports of Corwyn, and at any time, as many as seven-hundred ships from Alarë, Eldarand, Freeport, Kingsport, Natharos, Pike's Ferry, Rastios, Sasserine, Sathay, Shard, Syrene, and Wyn Falas can be found moored in its sprawling harbor.

The city of Tymor is currently governed by Duke Saris DeMarco


Back in the early Third Age, the island of Renthara came to be populated by tribes of the Catalans; a Ralani ethnic sub-group. The Catalans explored the island and founded several early settlements, including the ancient city of Tymor, which soon grew into their capital and a thriving regional seaport.