The Üthrari

The Üthrari are a large ethic group found in eastern Corwyn.

These people were originally barbarians who maintained a few scattered settlements in the East. But as food resources grew slim, they became warlike and conquered their neighbors, the ancient Hakeen civilization called the Xholar Empire. Eventually these folk founded the kingdoms of Üthrar. Their alignment is predominantly evil, and their civilizations and populations are located in eastern and southeastern Corwyn, along the northern coast of the Sea of Orel, east and south of Drakhara.


These folk are fierce and strong, with predominantly black hair, dark brown skin and bright eyes of black, brown, or green. The Üthrari people speak Ürdu, and some shamans speak common and Gauth. Ürdu has about twenty dialects.

Common Üthrari names include: Bra’jak, Chu’dak, Ka’dak, Ma’dak, Vo’dak, and Za’mok.