(population: 29,000) Ul-Samad is a major city in the kingdom of Üthrar, located near a pass in the Torak Mountains.

The city is accessible via the Durendar Road which leads south down the Kratheri Peninsula to Durendar and the Slavers Road, which leads west to Ul-Karad and east to Zhin. The city is presently corrupt and filled with misery and decay.

Local History

This ancient city was once named Zocolo, and was part of the lost Hakeen Civilization known as the Xholar Empire. There was a much trade and strong friendship between Zocolo and the City of Zhin, and it was this ancient culture that originally built the Slavers Road (its original name was the "Marsheba Road")

By the year 310/4, centuries before the Thannish colonists led by Prince Daghon arrived, the city had been conquered and enslaved by the Üthrari. It has been part of their culture ever since.