King Ulric Escalon II
Reign: 1221/6–present
Coronation: 9 Ladermont 1221/6
Predecessor: King Thorik
Heir apparent: Princess Aleyssia
Spouse: Queen Ariana
Issue: Aleyssia
Issue: Maric
Issue: Iliana
House: Escalon Dynasty
Born: 2 Harthmont 1189/6
Religion: Unnamed One
Ulric Escalon II is the current ruler of Ammarind at the end of the Sixth Age, and the eleventh ruler of the prestigious Escalon Dynasty.

Ulric is seen by his people as a fair, but hard ruler. He can be cold man, without much feelings. Ulric is a serious man and a great warrior. He has fought bravely in dozens of battles and and is the current wielder of GLOOMCHASER.

King Ulric assumed the Brass Throne in the year 1221/6.