King Ulric Escalon II
Reign: 1221/6–present
Coronation: 9 Ladermont 1221/6
Predecessor: King Thorik
Heir apparent: Princess Aleyssia
Spouse: Queen Ariana
Issue: Aleyssia
Issue: Maric
Issue: Iliana
House: Escalon Dynasty
Born: 2 Harthmont 1189/6
Religion: Unnamed One
Ulric Escalon II is the current ruler of the Kingdom of Ammarind.

Ulric is seen by his people as a fair, but hard ruler, without much feelings or sentimentality. Ulric is a serious, but cold man and also, an undeniably skilled soldier.

He has fought bravely in dozens of battles and and is the current wielder of Gloomchaser; the family Melanthir sword.

As the eleventh monarch of the long and distinguished Escalon Dynasty, King Ulric assumed the Brass Throne in the year 1221/6.