Underdark (the Darklands)

The Underdark is a vast, dark subterranean world beneath the surface of Corwyn. It is home to entire cities filled with exotic beings and strange deadly monsters roaming the passages between.

The Underdark is home to many species, but the most powerful and feared are the following: the Dark-Elves, Mind-Flayers, Duergar, and Svirneblin.

There are many settlements in the deep caverns below the surface of Corwyn:

Drow Elves: 24 city-states


Duergar: 15 cities

  • Grunthorigard
  • Arskraag
  • Norgrim-Rhak
  • Buruknir
  • Traask
  • Undrak' Thar

Svirneblin: 9 cities

  • Reth Malag
  • Kheldarak
  • Sefuldra
  • Reshov
  • Na-Drak

Illithids: 7 cities

Kuo-toa: 12 cities

  • City of the Glass Pool
  • City of Glimmering Shard
  • City of Reflecting Pool
  • City of the Purple Chasm
  • City of Murky Depths

Aboleth: 5 cities