Unique Items on Corwyn

On Corwyn there are several items that are unique to that world, and that can be found no where else. It should be assumed that most common manufactured goods, as well as trees, plants, and animals commonly found elsewhere are in abundance on Corwyn as well. The following are those items unique to the game setting.

  • Adamantine: A special alloy made up of electrum, silver, and adamantite. When forged, this alloy makes a particularly hard and dense metal. The secret of forging this metal are known only to the Drow.
  • Amaranth: magical berries of legendary Elf-trees called the Thanatäe. The berries are gold in color, can be eaten and are said to have many mystical powers of good luck, healing, and vitality. Unfortunately, many of the fabled Elf-trees have either died or been cut down, so the Amaranth berries are increasingly rare and valuable. The prized berries can only be found in either elvish realms or major human cities, and afforded only by the wealthy or noble.
  • Bloodstones: also known in dwarvish as "Nithrak-Tir." Very rare and valuable gems mined by the dwarves of Corwyn and marketed throughout the known realms. Blood-Stones are colored a deep dark red, and can be confused for dark rubies to the untrained eye, but the stones are much rarer and more valuable. These rare jewels are especially sought after by dwarves and humans. The largest deposits of these gems were once found in the Dwarf-mines of Kronar in the Frostcrown Mountains. The city of Krone-Feyr was literally built with the wealth generated from these stones. The stones are quite rare and quite valuable today.
  • Bluebrights: popular tree in western Corwyn. The bark is a pale tan, but the leaves have a rich bluish tone with white veins, thus the name. These trees are most common in the southern regions, such as the Heartlands and Marshlands. There are some groves to be found in the great Melinar Forest as well.
  • Equinäe: magically-bred elvish horses of superb power, intelligence, and speed. This breed of super horses was created by the elves, but improved by the race of men, who learned the secrets of their breeding and then mastered the skills of horsemanship. By the end of the Sixth Age, few of these great steeds could be found, usually only in royal stables and among the mounted knights of Derianor. A few of these horses are still wild and running free at this time as well.
  • Firewine: popular alcoholic drink brewed in several countries throughout Corwyn, as well as the Bronze Coast. The wine is potent and has a sharp cinnamon taste to go with its rich red-orange coloring. It is also quite expensive and usually available only in urban areas. The wine is usually brewed in southern climates, such as Rennsfar and Serathyr, and the Heartlands region; in Orel and Eldara.
  • Ironwoods: richly foliated trees of Corwyn, that have bark so dark and thick it appears as rough iron. The leaves are a very dark green. These trees are most common in the northern climates of Corwyn.
  • Kamerling: potent and delicious elvish brewed wine that is rare, popular, and very expensive. The secrets of its rich yellow-gold color, its making, and its fermenting are known only to the elves. Other than the elves, only the very wealthy and the lucky have ever tasted it. It is said that this exotic wine is made partially from magical sap from Elf-trees.
  • Mai’el: ancient term for humans who have the innate ability to use magic. It is said that there must be some dragon-blood in a person for this trait to appear. Mai’el are referred to as those who have the ‘Gift.’ Mai’el are extremely rare on Corwyn, and historically have been feared and even hunted by the general population.
  • Modesta: These trees, also called "Darkwoods," are said to have magical properties, which makes their wood lighter yet stronger than other lumber.
  • Moonstones: valuable and highly-prized gems, found on Corwyn in rare quantities. These gems are pearlescent, and seem to give off radiance akin to moonlight; they also reflect actual moonlight quite well and are quite dazzling at night. The stones are sought after as good luck charms, and as magical talismans.
  • Nacera Root: plant with rumored magical, healing, and spiritual powers, found throughout northern Corwyn. Legend has it the first Nacera root was planted by Karmalok, who cut himself while doing so. His blood ran down the stem of the plant and was buried with the roots, giving the plant powers of healing and magic. The roots are quite rare except deep within forested regions such as the Celadon, the Thistlewood, the Langmyr, the Antharë, and the Melinar Forests.
  • Pipeweed: potent form of tobacco specially grown by the Halflings of Grenshire, and exported all over western Corwyn. The weed is not poisonous, but can become addictive if large enough quantities are used over an extended period of time. For some obscure reason the Halflings are not affected by this side effect as are humans, dwarves, and elves. The secrets of planting, growing, and harvesting these rare weeds are kept in the strictest secrecy by the Halflings of Grenshire.
  • Silverwoods: great trees found throughout the continent of Corwyn. Many of the Silverwoods are found in the great forests of the West. The trees have silvery grey bark, as well as large green leaves edged with a silver foil. These greatest and tallest of Corwyn’s trees are found in every great forest, regardless of climate.
  • Thanatäe: mystical Elf-trees with magic berries called Amaranth, which have many mystical powers. The secrets of these mystical trees are known only to the elves and the race of Treants on Corwyn. The Elf-trees are very rare and usually only found in elvish forests. The trees have yellow tan bark, and leaves that are the brightest green, tinged with gold. From the tree-branches are found small golden berries called the Amaranth, which have mystical powers for health and healing.
  • Tilvium: a rare alloy used for strengthening weapons and armor. Only the dwarves know the secret of forging this alloy and how ot cradt items from it. It is this substance that gives dwarvish weapons and armor their special hardness and quality.