The Unnamed One
Home Plane: Athylon
Alignment: True Neutral
Domains: Artifice, Community, knowledge
Portfolio: creation, life, existence, balance
Worshipers paladins, sages, philosophers, monks
Symbol: None
The Unnamed One is Corwyn’s Creator of the Universe, eldest of the Malkar, and the chief Deity in the Corwyn pantheon.

The Unnamed One is also referred to as the ‘Great Maker.’ He has no name, symbol, gender, nor physical form, He just is. The Unnamed One is also the oldest of the Malkar deities, and is the creator of the heavens, the mythical celestial realm of Athylon, the worldly realm of Corwyn, as well as all other younger Gods and lesser deities.

The Unnamed One was the first of the celestial race of beings known on Corwyn as the Malkar. The Unnamed created the four eldest Gods;

The Unnamed One also shaped the world and created the four elemental Gods to balance the world and give it substance;

The Unnamed One has no temples to glorify him or any priests to carry out rituals. It is said in common folklore that the creator has no name because there was no one in existence to give him one. Since the Unnamed is the oldest and most powerful of the neutral Deities, he has no rivals or equals.