The Sasserine Uprising of 1227

The Uprising was a revolt that took place in the year in 1227/6 by the peoples of Sasserine against the military occupation by the Republic of Kendar.

The uprising was successful and resulted in Sasserine becoming a free and independent city. The uprising was short, but bloody; with hundreds slain on both sides.

The Uprising began when a group of seven nobles conspired together, and assassinated the last Kendari governor of the city. This Governor; Diego Montravon, was a corrupt bureaucrat, who kept much of the city's tax money for himself, and had his enemies arbitrarily thrown into the dungeons of Castle Teraknian.

When the Kendarum discovered the reasons why Diego had been assassinated, they agreed not to further intervene, at least militarily. Kendar did not want another brutal, bloody occupation; it was easier to simply free the colony and enter into a trade alliance.

After Sasserine was granted independence, the seven adventurers became the the first members of the City's new ruling body: the "Dawn Council."