Dwarf-Realm of Urkhar

Urkhar was an ancient Dwarven nation located in the Swordpoint Mountains. Today, it is part of Orrek.

Urkhar was founded in the year 672/2 by Dwarf-King Kyros the Proud. Kyros hailed from the Krandåhk Clan, and was crowned after he eradicated the orc and goblin tribes dwelling in the Swordpoint Mountains.

Urkhar was the second united dwarf-realm to be founded in the north. Its capital was Thürgen Feyr.

The northern dwarf-realm of Urkhar lasted for 1,467 years and its twelve Dwarven Kings ruled from the Firestone Chair.

The end for Urkhar came during the War of Sorrows. When the goblins invaded the north in 409/3, the dwarves of Urkhar soon banded together with both of the other northern Dwarf-realms to defeat them. In 575/3, a large Goblin army led by Grumak the Skullcrusher besieged the city of Thürgen Feyr.

The siege lasted seventeen bloody years, and eventually the dwarves of Urkhar were beaten down and their city conquered. In 592/3, the last king of Urkhar; Khargan the Luckless, was slain during the fall of Thürgen Feyr and his Val-Khûra captured by the goblins. Eventually, the orb was recovered by Celathor Kronehelm, but the Dwarf-realm never recovered.

In 660/3, the severely weakened Dwarf-realm of Urkhar merged with Chokar and Azkar to become the mighty Dwarven nation of Orrek.

The ancient Dwarf-realm of Urkhar encompassed the entire Swordpoint Mountains. Its emblem was an anvil and two crossed lightning bolts in silver on a black field.