Urol Forol

Urol is a bent old gnome who wanders the streets of Sasserine's Azure District, constantly squinting when he looks. He recently signed on as the navigator of the Sea Wyvern.

Urol carries a strange odor about with him, an odor that most find unpleasant. He is talkative and chipper except when the subject of the natural world comes up, whereupon he flies into a frenzy of excited stuttering bliss, expounding upon obscure and often strangely fascinating (to him, at least) bits of lore. He is considered a kindly fool by most citizens and frequents many local taverns drinking and telling long, boring tales of history and ancient lore.

Urol claims to have been to the Isle of Dread once before; as part of the original colonization expedition to Farshore. He speaks of his time there often; in his words, “I actually went to the Isle of Dread once…fascinating place. Sadly, my stay on the island was unfortunately short—due to events beyond my control, I might add! If I accompany a new expedition, We’ve certainly nothing to fear, this time around!”

He frequently speaks about the legends regarding the ancient history of the Isle; including his favorite story of an immense, black pearl that destroyed the ancient Olman city of Thanaclan, effectively creating the Isle of Dread as it is today.