Usiji Cult

The Usiji Cult, led by their high-priest; Ahriman, was a group of fanatics who once served the ancient empire of Shorafa.

The Cult was responsible for magically creating the toxins that allowed the infamous Night Plague that was later unleashed on Nimbor; allowing that nation to be easily conquered by the Shorafi.

The Cult served the Pharaohs of Shorafa for many years until the group, and its leader, were betrayed and banished into the Sea of Sand by Pharaoh Setirah.

For this betrayal, the Cult swore revenge upon Shorafa. Centuries later, Cult members worked with Nimbori agents to unleash the Plague of Madness upon Shorafa, causing that empire to collapse. The Cult was destroyed centuries ago by the Vilzari Priest-Kings.