Usiji Cult

The Usiji Cult was a group of evil sorcerers and priests who once served the ancient empire of Shorafa.

Led by their high-priest; Ahriman, the Usiji Cult served the Pharaohs of Shorafa for many years

The Cult magically created the toxins of the infamous Night Plague and unleashed them upon the Nimbori Empire; devastating that civilization and allowing it to be easily conquered by its Shorafi rivals.

Pharaoh Setirah then betrayed the group and ordered Ahriman to be executed. She then banished the few surviving Cultists deep into the Sea of Sand. Legend has it; Setirah feared the growing power of the Cult and desired to remove them as a threat.

For this act of betrayal, the Cult swore revenge upon Shorafa. Centuries later, Usiji Cultists worked with Nimbori agents to unleash the Plague of Madness upon Shorafa, ultimately causing that Empire to collapse.

Fearing a resurgence of their dark magical powers, the Vilzari Priest-Kings in An-Khara later ordered the remaining members of the Usiji Cult hunted down and destroyed.

Today, the Cult is believed to be completely extinct.