Uzren Dynasty

The Uzren Dynasty was the line of rulers descended from King Leland; who assumed the Bearclaw Throne of Marundi in 674/6, after the death of his cousin King Cerland Haldane II during the Battle of Krell.

The Uzren family ruled Marundi for 315 years and a total of sixteen monarchs ruled from Castle Obsidian. The Dynasty ended in 989/6 when King Morland II was slain attempting to destroy an evil presence at Sol-Kathad. The Uzrens were succeeded on the throne by King Berand Norax, whose descendants still rule Marundi today.

The sixteen Uzren monarchs of Marundi are listed below:

Leland 674-693/6
Roland 693-715
Durand 715-738
Eldard 738-749
Voland 749-777
Briand 777-791 †
Bernard 791-803
Morland 803-829 †
Arland 829-844 †
Algerd 844-858
Roland II 858-870
Reynard 870-899
Arland II 899-936
Cerland 936-951 †
Leland II 951-972
Morland II 972-989/6 †