The Vaati

The Vaati were an ancient race of elemental beings from the "Vale of Aaqa;" a lofty realm located on the Elemental Plane of Air

Also known as: "Wind Dukes," "Stormsingers," or "Champions of Ixion," the Vaati were close allies of the Elder-Elves, and fought alongside them in the terrible War of Wrath.

Led by Prince Icosiol, the Vaati were victorious at the epic battle of Pesh, where they defeated both the Drow and their greatest ally—a mysterious figure named Kyuss.

Tragically, Icosiol and thousands his warriors fell during the fighting. Today, the tombs of Icosiol and his fallen warriors are spread throughout the Cairn Hills region. One of the more well-known tombs is located near the settlement of Diamond Lake. It is called the "Whispering Cairn."

Famous Vaati:

  • Icosiol: A Vaati-Prince who was slain during the Battle of Pesh
  • Nadroc: The architect of the Vaati tombs, located in the Cairn Hills
  • Qadeej: A Vaati warrior who survived the Battle of Pesh; but later requested to be buried with his fallen comrades here
  • Zosiel: A Vaati Champion who was slain at the Battle of Pesh (buried in the Whispering Cairn)