The Vaati

Also commonly called the "Wind Dukes' "Stormsingers " or the "Champions of Ixion," The Vaati were ancient elemental lords from the Plane of Air that fought in the great elvish civil war known as the War of Wrath. The Vaati are credited with the creation and use of the Rod of Seven Parts. The Vaati allied themselves with the Elder-elves, and their rod was instrumental in the victory at the Battle of Pesh where they defeated a powerful member of the Queen of Chaos’ forces. The tomb of one of most famous of the Vaati champions; Zosiel, is located in the Whispering Cairn just outside of Diamond Lake.

The Vaati are remembered by sages as major players in the War of Wrath, representing the forces of Law against a powerful entity known as the Queen of Chaos. Seven of their number created a powerful artifact known as the Rod of Law, which was used in the Battle of Pesh to slay the Queen of Chaos's greatest general, Miska the Wolf-Spider. The rod was sundered in the battle, fragmenting to form the Rod of Seven Parts.

The following Wind Dukes are known by name:

Icosiol, slain by Miska the Wolf Spider at the Battle of Pesh.
Nadroc, an architect of Wind Duke tombs.
Qadeej, Defeated Miska the Wolf Spider at the Battle of Pesh.
Zosiel, slain at the Battle of Pesh.