Lost Kingdom of Valdor

Established in the year 887 of the Third Age, Valdor was the first Thannish kingdom on Corwyn.

In the later years of the Third Age, the kingdom of Valdor was founded by Queen Bröna Del Vecchio, and for about 300 years remained a small regional power, centered around the city of Tekrit. The kingdom stretched from the Redpeaks in the south, to the Frostcrown Mountains in the north. Its capital was Kingsport, the ancestral seat of power for the Barony of Dureth and the House of Del Vecchio.

The kingdom expanded from a small regional power to a vast nation under the rule of its twelfth king; Valden the Conqueror, who spent nearly 30 years conquering all neighboring powers and uniting the Thannish people for the first time.

King Valden married Queen Anavel and had one son named Eldan. A few years later he became involved with a noblewoman of Ashara named Naomi Mallistäer, who became his mistress and bore him a second son named Rhodan. Despite the scandal, the King loved both his sons and raised his younger bastard son to equal status of Prince and made him his second heir.

Unfortunately sibling rivalry and jealousy between his two sons grew as the years went by. By the time Eldan and Rhodan grew into adulthood, their hatred for each other placed the future stability of the kingdom in grave doubt.

Many years later, the threat of Alokkair was growing in the east and all the peoples of the West were preparing for war. King Valden, who was now very old and in ailing health, was visited by the Council of Sorcerë, who wanted to Valdor's aid in the war to come.

Both of Valden's sons were given an Elanthir, and promised their dying father to put aside their differences. The two brothers helped defeat Alokkair in the War of the Elanthir.

King Valden died 33 years after Alokkair's defeat. Soon after, the rivalry between Eldan and Rhodan burst into open warfare. This Thannish Civil War lasted from 33-38/4. Rhodan was defeated and an agreement was brokered, although strongly in Eldan's favor.

Two separate kingdoms being formed in the year 38/4. The wealthier western two-thirds of Valdor became Eldara ruled by Eldan; the poorer eastern third of Valdor became Rhodara, ruled by Rhodan.

At its peak, the gigantic kingdom of Valdor was the largest ever seen on the continent of Corwyn. It comprised the territory of what is today the realms of Eldara, Orel, and Gwynne.