Lost Kingdom of Valdor

Valdor was the first Thannish kingdom ever to exist on Corwyn.

This short-lived Kingdom, which lasted only 70 years, was founded by King Valden the Conqueror. Within a few years of his death, the kingdom splintered into two smaller kingdoms led by his two sons.

In the later years of the Third Age, the races of man on Corwyn had begun to unite into various tribes and ethnic groups. The proudest and most vain of these, were the Thann.

Valdor was founded in 1136 of the Third Age by Valden Durethë; known as “Valden the Conqueror,” a great Thannish warrior who spent nearly thirty years fighting a series of wars against his fellow Thanns to unite the them under one banner for the first time in history.

The kingdom stretched from the Redpeaks in the south, to the Frostcrown Mountains in the north.

Valden chose Kingsport as his capital, because it was where he had grown up and was the ancestral seat of power for his family, the Barony of Dureth.

After defeating his enemies and being crowned, King Valden married Queen Anavel and had one son: Eldan.

A few years later he became involved with a noblewoman of Ashara named Naomi Mallistäer, who became his mistress and bore him a second son named Rhodan.

Despite the scandal, the King loved both his sons and raised his younger bastard son to equal status of Prince and made him his second heir.

Unfortunately sibling rivalry and jealousy between his two sons grew as the years went by. By the time Eldan and Rhodan grew into adulthood, they truly hated each other. The future of Valden’s Thannish Kingdom was in grave doubt.

Years later, the threat of Alokkair was growing in the east and all the peoples of the West were preparing for war.

An ailing King Valden was visited by the Council of Sorcerë, who wanted to present the King with a gift of a Elanthir sword.

Valden knew that if he gave the sword to one of his two sons as a royal heirloom, surely a civil war would result and tear the country apart.

In a compromise to save the western alliance; the Council of Sorcerë chose to grant two Elanthir to the Thannish race.

The Vaas people, who had rejected the Saar's counsel, were thus excluded. Both of Valden's sons were given a sword, and both Eldan and Rhodan promised their dying father to put aside their differences and both went off to war against Alokkair in the War of the Elanthir.

King Valden died shortly thereafter. After Alokkair's defeat, the hatred of the two brothers renewed again with increased bitterness, and soon open fighting broke out, called the Twilight War; which lasted from 33-38/4.

After five years of bloody civil war between the Thannish factions, Rhodan was defeated and an agreement was brokered, although strongly in Eldan's favor.

This resulted in two separate kingdoms being formed in the year 38 of the Fourth Age. The wealthier western two-thirds of Valdor became Eldara under King Eldan; the poorer eastern third of Valdor became Rhodara, under King Rhodan.


At its peak, the gigantic kingdom of Valdor was the largest ever seen on the continent of Corwyn. It comprised the territory of what is today the realms of Eldara, Orel, and Gwynne.

The coat of arms of Valdor and later that of Rhodara was a white tiger on an orange field.