Valley of Lost Cities

The Valley of Lost Cities is an isolated region, separated from the rest of the world by two gigantic, impenetrable mountain ranges.

This valley is bordered on the north by the Redpeaks, on the south and west by the Agatite Mountains, and on the East by the Bloody Coast of the Sea of Orel. The Valley is named for its many ancient ruins.

Today, the valley is home to scattered human tribes called the Kashardi. Over many centuries, these people developed a unique culture in this region, which is quite distinct from either the Thannish culture of Eldara or the Vilzari culture of the Sea of Sand.

Local History

In the Second Age, this valley was home to several ancient, lost civilizations.


The most well-known of these ancient nations was the Sultanate of Kashar, an ancient civilization located along the shores of the Sea of Orel.

The Sultanate and its capital city of Zangaro were later destroyed in a strange series of supernatural events.

The Valley was also home to three ancient City-States, called Arad, Khadam, and Khös. All three of these cities were members of an ancient political power called the Tekritian League.

All of the member cities of the League were eventually conquered by the ancient Empire of Shorafa, causing it to collapse.

The Ruins

Today, the ruins of four different cities are located here, as well as dozens of scattered sites where temples and other ancient structures once stood.

The history of these various civilizations is now lost to history, and their crumbled remnants gave valley its title.