Vanzali (Kharmë)

(population: 67,000) Vanzali is a large Vilzari seaport, located in the far southwestern region of Vilzar, on the coast of the Sea of Ralas.

The region where this Vilzari city is located is not the usual iconic desert terrain, but rather, it is lush and green.

The Vilzari natives who dwell here are not at all alike their cousins far to the north and east. Vanzalians are much more peaceful, desiring wealth through commerce, instead of war and plunder.

To maintain its independence, this city-state has gone to war with other Vilzari tribes many times; because those other tribes have long envied the wealth and resources of the great city.

Today, the City-State of Vanzali is ruled by a powerful Vilzari warlord named K’Thar R’Loth.



This ancient city was first founded in the Second Age by the Nimbori people of the ancient realm of Nimbor. At that time the city was named Kharmë. In the late Second Age, Kharmë was conquered by the Pharaohs of Shorafa. Upon the collapse of Shorafa and the rise of the Vilzari peoples, the city was eventually renamed Vanzali.