Var-Illümen (The Phylactery of Stars)

The Var-Illümen; commonly called the "Phylactery of Stars," was a powerful magical artifact created long ago by the Council of Sorcerë.

The device was created by the council to hold vast amounts of magical energy to be used to heighten or magnify the powers of spells cast by its members. Some sages believe this artifact was even more powerful than the Orenthir. The Var-Illümen was used by the Council of Sorcerë to create ever more powerful artifacts such as the five Val-Khûra, the nine Silvarils, the twelve Itharils, the seven Elanthir, and even the infamous Orenthir.

In the year 252/5, The Var-Illümen was lost when Erôn-Mystarë was captured by the armies of Sorimmar. This powerful artifact is now believed to be in the possession of the Dark Lord of Drakhara.