Var-Illümen (The Phylactery of Stars)

Often referred to as the "Phylactery of Stars," the Var-Illümen was a powerful magical artifact created long ago by the Council of Sorcerë.

The Phylactery was essentially a magical forge which held vast amounts of arcane energy to be used to heighten or magnify the powers of spells cast by its members. It was, by far, the most powerful artifact ever created on Corwyn.

The Var-Illümen was used by the Council of Sorcerë to create other magical artifacts; the five Val-Khûra, the nine Silvarils, the twelve Itharils, the seven Elanthir, and even the Orenthir.

The Var-Illümen was located in a secret chamber, built underneath Erôn-Mystarë, in a chamber where the fiery magical properties of the mountain could be harnessed.