Var Salaam

(population: 92,000) Var Salaam is the capitol of the Prelacy of Al’ Hazra and one of the largest cities on the continent of Avokhar.

Originally founded thousands of years ago as a colony of Sha'Dur; the city later grew as thousands of Hakeen colonists from the Xholar Empire arrived. Because of its strategic location, this mountain city has never fallen to any foe. The city is located in the far eastern side of the Sha'Dur Mountains, which separates Vilzar from the Sanjaara Jungle. Var Salaam is a fortified city, nestled in a mountain valley, but it is also a busy seaport, for the city is built on the banks of Khos River, which runs down from the Sha'Dur Mountains into the the Eloysian Sea.

Var Salaam is one of two great mountain cities of the Sha'Dur range; the other is Kendar, near the Wyn Myr coast. The city of Var Salaam regularly trades with the Free City of Quelaara, as well as the Seven Cities of Brass.