Var Salaam

(population: 92,000) Located on the Savage coast of the Eloysian Sea, Var Salaam is the capital of the Prelacy of Al’ Hazra.

Thousands of years ago, this city was founded as a colony of the ancient nation of Sha'Dur. But after the fall of Garuda, the city grew in size and importance, and eventually became the capital of a new nation called "Al'Hazra."

As thousands of Hakeen colonists arrived from the crumbling Xholar Empire, the city grew even larger and much more cosmopolitan. Today, Var Salaam is one of the largest cities on the continent of Azoria.

The city is nestled in a mountain valley on the far eastern side of the Sha'Dur Mountains, sprawled across both banks of the Az-Khanaz River, as it flows down from the Sha'Dur Mountains into the Eloysian Sea.


Var Salaam is a heavily-fortified city which has never fallen to any invader. On many occasions, its towering stone walls amd iron gates have protected its inhabitants against invasions by both the Vilzari, who dwell on the northern side of the Sha'Dur Mountains, and gnoll tribes from the neighboring Sanjaara Jungle.

As one of the largest seaports on the Eloysian Sea, Var Salaam derives its wealth from trade with the Free City of Quelaara, as well as the Seven Cities of Bronze.