Duchy of Varia

Varia was a powerful Duchy Led by Kalfus Mandrake that, along with the duchies of Cynara and Hennara, rebelled against the Kingdom of Cyrendar in the year 1068/4.

The war began with the death of King Ilcanar Cyrenäe II, who was poisoned by Alokkair’s agents. The king died without a rightful heir and soon disputes arose as to the proper royal successor, fueled by Alokkair’s treachery. For twenty years the bitter Iskari Civil War raged between the four opposed factions before all were united under one banner by King Ikharos Blackburn in the year 1087/4. After the war's end, the Duchy of Varia was broken into four smaller duchies (Barstow, Stormchapel, Randivik, & Varia) led by loyalist nobles and the ruling house of Mandrake was destroyed. Duke Kalfus and all three of his sons were either slain in battle, executed or exiled. For decades after the war, various regions of Cyrendar remained bitter enemies and only time healed those deep wounds. The capitol of Varia was the city of Krylnath.