Varistan (City of Cyphers)

(pop: 13,300) Small coastal seaport in Eldara, located about 180 miles north of the Redpeaks, along the western coast of the Sea of Orel. Informally known as the "City of Cyphers," Varistan is a thriving seaport and center of trade. Varistan is located on the north-western coast of the Sea of Orel, where the mouth of the Velskir River forms a natural cove off the seacoast. Placed between two large rocky bluffs each over 300 feet in height, the city occupies both banks of the river. The majority of the city is situated on the eastern bank, nestled behind the outer rim of the Calspur Hills, which cuts it off from hilly tidal swamps to the west. The Velskir River finds its way through canyoned walls from the region of Sokoro Highlands. The Cyphergate Road leads west out of the city, but it is poorly maintained, as most traffic in and out of the city is via the harbor. The ominous stone arch, which towers over the entire harbor, is never out of sight, its rune-covered span dwarfing everything around it.

The most famous landmark of the city is the Cyphergate; an ancient huge stone arch built over the city harbor. In essence, the "gate" is a giant stone arch spanning the natural cove around which the city is built. It is covered on both sides with ancient Elvish runes and archaic symbols, although their exact meaning is unknown. The original purpose of this arch and the identities of those that built it are now lost to history. In fact, the city is home to the Guild of Cyphermages; a group of sages and scholars who have devoted their lives to studying the arch, and other ancient mysteries of Corwyn. Today, Varistan has a somewhat seedy reputation and is ruled by an openly corrupt Eldaran nobleman named Baron Avery Kromar.



Although part of modern-day Eldara, this city is far older with an ancient history stretching back through the ages. In the Third Age, Varistan was the capitol of a lost Thannish civilization known as the Sokoro Union. Long ago, the Sokoro Union was conquered by king Valden Durethë and became part of the kingdom of Valdor. When Valdor collapsed, the city became part of the kingdom of Eldara. But even before the first humans emigrated here in the Third Age, the arch had endured for many centuries. Many sages believe the arch hails back to the First Age of Corwyn, and was an important part of the ancient elvish civilization of Ectharë.

Detailed Map of the city:

VARISTAN: City of Cyphers
1. The Cyphergate
2. Main Harbor
3. Inner Harbor
4. Velskir Ferry
5. River District
6. The Publican
7. Windward District


8. Casperian’s Mission
9. Wharf District
10. Marketplace
11. Arena
12. Cyphermages Guildhall
13. Rotgut District
14. Lymas House
15. Watchtower
16. City Well
17. Temple of Ethenghar
18. Leeward District
19. Temple to Myrival
20. the Golden Goblin Gambling Hall
21. Clegg’s Apartments
22. Croat’s Estate
23. The River Runner Inn/Tavern
24. Temple of S'Thar
25. The Citadel (Castle Kromar)
26. Gambling District (the Dragon’s Hoard)
27. Shantytown
28. Warehouses
29. Graveyard
30. Athelmar’s Home
31. the Boneyard