Prince Varoth Donoräe

(LG 4th level Paladin/12th level Raven Knight/12th level Cleric) Current leader of the Order of Tetragon commonly called the Silver Ravens. Varoth is a noble paladin of the West and by reputation the greatest warrior and champion for justice on the continent of Corwyn. He has championed many great causes and been a hero to his folk on many occasions. Varoth is one of the most famous and well-respected figures on Corwyn at the end of the Sixth Age, and is well renowned for his many heroic exploits. Varoth is normally accompanied by a mixed company of fifteen other paladins and clerics of the following levels: one 10th level, two 8th level, four 6th level, and eight 4th level. All these followers are also mounted upon heavy warhorses. Varoth dwells at the Red Keep located in Derianor.