The Veiled Society

The Veiled Society is a secretive, powerful, and aloof order of wizards who regulate and control the use of magic throughout western Corwyn. Since its creation more than 1,200 years ago, many have felt that the Society has grown too powerful and wields too much political influence in various Kingdoms. This is because of Society Liaisons who advise every King and Queen in the West, and therefore, have the "ear" of those same rulers.

The Society was created in the year 0087/6, with a single, noble purpose; to ensure that never again would a powerful mage, such as Alokkair or Sorimmar create worldwide havoc and destruction by mis-using his magical powers.

The Society is made up of hundreds of powerful wizards who have dedicated themselves to ensuring that the use of the arcane arts does not topple the delicate balance of power in the West.

The emblem of the Veiled Society is a red pentagram on a black field, outlined in deep blue. In the center of the pentagram is a white eye, and at the end of each point are symbols of: fire, water, wind, earth, and a hand.

The Symbolism of the emblems represent the following: the four elemental symbols represent the worldly elements that make up the foundation of magic, and the hand represents the power of man to control those elements. The all-seeing eye in the center represents vigilance over the power of magic.

The most powerful enemy of the Veiled Society is the evil and secretive magical cult known as the Arcanum. The Society also controls a strictly-enforced monopoly on the authorized use of magic, and over the centuries have convinced all western royal governments to pass edicts that it is unlawful to practice magic unless one is a member of the Society.


The Society keeps an officially neutral political stance, but can be quite deadly in dealing with intruders, and those who act against its interests. Group of powerful mages, called Magisters, enforce the regulation of magic on Corwyn.

The Veiled Society is currently based out of the island fortress of Erôn-Khorlöth and its current leader is Ilario Nasilar. The Society sends one of their senior Magisters called "Liaisons," to every royal court in the West to serve as a counselor in the area of the arcane arts.

The Society has an iron grip on control of magic on Corwyn, and to further its goals of keeping magical order on Corwyn, the Society employs many methods. The most infamous of these is their secret spell of Triumveration.



Over a thousand years ago, in the year 125/6, the Veiled Society convinced every western Kingdom to sign a treaty called the "Edict of Marquand." The treaty had two primary purposes.

First, it regulated the use of magic, and arcane arts, and rendered its control exclusively to the Veiled Society. Second, the Edict allowed for advisors, called "Liaisons," to be assigned to every senior noble and royal court in the West.

These advisors comprised senior wizards trained by the Society, who in theory would answer only to the ruler each one served. In practice however, the Society advisors have shown divided loyalties on many critical occasions. On several occasions, the assigned Society advisors have either failed to follow the orders of their assigned ruler, or even betrayed them outright. It is rumored, Society Liaisons have always reported sensitive information and secrets to their true masters on the Circle Council back in Erôn-Khorlöth.


All wizards in the Veiled Society are known as "Magisters." Within the Society, there are several Magister ranks: the lowest level Magisters are called Apprentices, next are the Adepts, then next highest are the Monitors, then finally, are the highest rank Magisters; Masters.

Only wizards with the society rank of "Master" are allowed to sit on the ruling council of the Society; a secretive nine-member body called the Circle. Other Masters devote their time to magical research, the training of Society Apprentices, or the creation of arcane items.

Only senior wizards with the rank of "Monitor" can be assigned as Court Liaisons, or serve as members of a Triad. The Society also employs many rogues, scouts, and spies to both spy on independent wizards and to learn of unauthorized use of the arcane arts.

These spies report directly to local Monitors, based in Society Guildhalls found in every major city. The spies also monitor the Society’s arch-enemy; the evil magical sect known as the Arcanum. In every major city in western Corwyn, there is a Veiled Society Guildhall.

Here, new members are trained, supplies purchased, and magic items created. The Guildhalls are also used as Society bases, for rest and safety. Finally, Guildhalls are key meeting places where the vast network of spies and scouts employed by the Society report to senior Monitors based there.


Senior Magisters are assigned as advisors to every royal court throughout the western kingdoms. These advisors protect the monarch and his family, provides magical advice and services, and presides over other lesser Society members throughout the kingdom in the affairs of magic regulation and recruitment.

As a general rule, the smaller or less important a territory is, the less senior the Liaison that is assigned to its leader by the Society. For example, the senior Liaison for the Kingdom of Alveron is an 18th level wizard, whereas the Liaison for a small independent Barony might only be a 4th level wizard.

There are powerful Triads, usually led by senior Monitor, for every major Kingdom in Western Corwyn. Below the royal courts, the use of Triads is limited. Usually, below the level of royalty, only one Magister is assigned to any given ruler; such as the rulers of City-States, Freeholds, Duchies, Counties and independent Baronies.



All aspiring young magical apprentices must either join the Society and live by its rules or become independent. To do otherwise is quite dangerous, for the Society has little tolerance for disobedience. Such mages are labelled ‘Anarchists’ or 'Heretics' by the Veiled Society.

These free spirits are not often persecuted, but are heavily discriminated against, in that they cannot be employed by a royal or noble household, nor belong to any organized wizard guild, nor practice in civilized areas, such as cities or towns.

Recruitment of mages and sorcerers occurs in the following manner: First all realms and freeholds of the West have laws that young persons showing any magical abilities must be reported to local authorities, such as the nearest Society Wizard. Second, the Society employs rogues and other agents to be on the lookout for mages and sorcerers not of the order. Third, it is a crime for any mage to take an apprentice without prior notification and approval of the Society. The Society also limits access to high level spells and the creation of magically enchanted weapons and devices to ensure their rarity and those items do not fall into the wrong hands.

Nevertheless, independent mages do exist. Upon reaching 3rd or 4th level all PCs of wizard or sorcerer class will be approached by an agent of the Society and offered membership. If they refuse, then they will be permanently restricted from using magic in cities and towns, and from obtaining magical scrolls and other devices. The penalty for disobedience is severe. If caught, the Anarchist wizard or sorcerer will be taken by force by a Society Triad, assisted by a heavily armed squad of Inquisitors. If taken alive, the wizard is then taken to the nearest Society Guildhall, and put under a spell that prevents him from casting spells permanently. (6th level Greater Geas Spell)



The Society enforces its authority by use of Triads; three-person teams of powerful mages who respond to threats against the Society. The Society will readily use deadly force to stop unauthorized mages and so-called ‘Anarchists’ who use magic to subdue, torture, or terrorize others. When the Society decides to intervene, a strike team or Triad, will be assembled, based upon the level of force necessary. A typical Society Triad would consist of one senior Monitor, one junior Monitor, and one Adept, who would serve as the apprentice to the senior Monitor. The Triad’s power derives from the secrets of the Triumveration spells they employ which magnify the force of the spell caster by a factor of three. These teams of wizards have been used to successfully combat the Arcanum, the Cult of Kultherë, the Zûl, Ice Wraiths, and even Grymethar, and other demons from the underworld.

To ensure their own safety, even when vastly outnumbered, all Triad members have the following spells ready at all times:

Defensive Spells: Anti-Magic field (6th), Protection from arrows (2nd), Stoneskin(4th), Teleport (7th)
Offensive Spells: Forcecage (7th), Chain Lightning, Monster Summoning, Cone of Cold, Fireball, Flame Arrow, Lightning bolt, Magic Missile.

In cases of rogue wizards or other very powerful foes, the Society will first send out scouts and rangers to track down their prey. Next, the Society will send a higher-level triad of Magisters, accompanied by a Enforcer Squad of Inquisitors to capture of kill their target.


The Society has used their most cherished secret, the Triumveration Spell, to enchant and protect all important royal and noble structures in the realms, as well as the fortifications and walls of major cities, castles, bridges, catacombs, and keeps. These spells also magnify the power of offensive spells by a factor of three, making the Triads very powerful.



The Circle is the secretive and powerful ruling council of the Veiled Society. The Circle is said to have nine members and their identities are a closely guarded secret. Only a select few senior Masters will ever be selected to sit on the Circle. There are only nine members, chosen from the most powerful mages on Corwyn. The Circle has many responsibilities. It also names the Liaison advisors to each of the western kingdoms the Society serves. The Circle also dictates policy on the regulation and limitations on use of the magical and arcane arts. Finally, the Circle has the awesome responsibility for protecting the West from the Rise of Sorimmar. It uses a vast network of scouts and spies to keep constant vigil on the East.