Velenkhür Clan

The dwarven Velenkhür Clan founded the ancient realm of Azkar in the year 663/2, under Clan-master Vharig the Conqueror.

To show their gratitude, the Saar later gave the Velenkhür Clan one of the five Val-Khûra stones.

which used it to build the magnificent city of Crom Feyr, and then to rule Azkar for 1,314 years. During that long reign, eleven successive dwarven Kings sat upon the Anvil Throne in Crôm Feyr.

In the year 436/3, the Velenkhür clan ended with the death of the Dwarf-King Vholnir the Tireless, who was slain during the early days of the War of Sorrows. After his death, Azkar came to be ruled by King Celathor the Avenger of the Kronehelm clan.

The eleven Dwarf-kings of Azkar from the Velenkhür Clan

Vharig 663-831/2
Gyor 831-1044/2
Vorhad 1044-1189/2 †
Voran 1189-1327/2
Grazdan 1327-1502/2
Vhorak 1502-1521/2 †
Velthor 1521-1541/2,1-178/3
Vorlag 178-252/3
Davked 252-370/3
Dhurlag 370- 521/3
Vholnir 521-655/3 †