Velenkhür Clan

The Velenkhür Clan was a powerful ruling clan of dwarves, who founded the realm of Azkar in 663/2 under Vharig the Conqueror.

The Velenkhür Clan was one of the five original dwarf clans on Corwyn and ruled Azkar for 1,314 years and a total of nine Dwarf-kings sat upon the Anvil Throne in Crôm Feyr. The Velenkhür Clan also possessed one of the five Elatir. The Velenkhür clan ended with the death of the Dwarf-King Vholnir the Tireless in 436/3, during the early days of the War of Sorrows. After his death, Azkar came to be ruled by King Celathor the Avenger of the Kronehelm clan.

The nine Dwarf-kings of Azkar from the Velenkhür clan are listed below:

Vharig 663-831/2
Gyor 831-1044/2
Vorhad 1044-1189/2 †
Voran 1189-1327/2
Grazdan 1327-1502/2
Vhorak 1502-1521/2 †
Velthor 1521-1541/2,1-178/3
Vorlag 178-252/2 †
Vholnir 252-436/3 †