Called "Horus" by the ancient Shorafi; Velok is the Moon-God of the Vilzari people.

Velok is the protector of all Vilzari people in the world. As such, he is also the Patron-Deity of Night, Water, and Conquest.

His symbol is a great crescent golden moon. Velok is a jealous and evil God, and his followers share his ideals of murder, mayhem, and conquest; done under the cover of darkness.

His followers wear gold masks and robes to represent the symbol of reflected power of their master, and are usually dark priests or shamans. The most powerful and influential of these priestly orders is the Order of Venhazzi.

Velok’s followers in the Order of Venhazzi have erected the greatest temple on Corwyn to glorify the Moon God; the Great Pyramid of Velok. This pyramid is a terrifying place where many thousands have been sacrificed to appease the hunger of the Moon-God.

Velok’s chief rival is his brother, Marzok; the Vilzari Sun-God.