The Velskar

The Velskar are barbarian tribes who inhabit the Sokoro Highlands region of Eldara.

The Velskar are a Thannish ethnic group descended from the ancient Sokoro Union, whose people were defeated by Valden the Conqueror.

The last ruler of the Sokoro Union was Prince Meraxas. When he bent the knee to Valden, some of his tribesmen would not submit and fled into the surrounding hills.

King Valden later declared that "any man north of the Velskar River is a barbarian and a criminal." Thus began an enmity between the Eldarans and the Velskar people which has endured until the present day.

Over the centuries, living in the desolate highlands has made these folk extremely hardy. They have developed a reputation for their cruelty and their excellent horsemanship.

Today, scattered bands of mounted Velskar often raid merchant caravans as they travel along the Cyphergate Road, between Thuvalia and Varistan