Vencarlo Orsini

Vencarlo Orsini is a powerful nobleman from Ashara, who runs the Orsini Academy.

Vencarlo is unusual among Ashara's nobility, in that he is not ethnically Thannish, but is of Vaas descent. Vencarlo's family migrated to the city centuries ago and founded the Orsini Academy; a prestigious, local Fighting School.

Vencarlo freely admits he once tutored Sabrina; who is currently Queen Ileosa's bodyguard. He is fond of repeating that Sabrina was the best student he ever taught. Sadly, the two had a bitter falling out and she left the Academy forever.

Local rumors have always swirled around, that the Orsini family holds some dark secret in their past. However, the actual truth, known only by a few, is that Vencarlo is a member of the House of Orsini; an infamous Vaas noble family formerly of Erindar.

After a few too many ales, Vencarlo has been known to occasionally admit, "800 years ago, my ancestors sat upon the Ivory Throne."