Verassi Dominion

Capitol: Irskaan (population: 71,000)
Population: 568,000 75% Verassi, 20% Eloysian, 6% other)
Government: Monarchy
Current Leader: Caliph Hozni Al-Shar
Coat of Arms: a black raven on a bright blue field
Exports: salt, gems, spices, livestock,

The Verassi Dominion is a thriving civilization of mixed Eloysians, Verassi, and Tasloi located south of the Red Wastes, in far southern Avokhar.

The capitol city of the dominion is Irskaan. The Verassi are mostly a desert-dwelling folk, used to the harsh climates of the Red Wastes and the Plains of Chalk. Most of the nation's wealth derives from the sales of gems found in the scattered mines at the western base of the Dragonsbreath Mountains and the profitable salt and spices trade with the nations and peoples of northern Avokhar.


The Dominion was conquered by Emperor Etros of the Eloysian Empire in the year AR 71.