Verassi Dominion

Capital: Irskaan (population: 71,000)
Population: 568,000 75% Verassi, 20% Eloysian, 6% other)
Government: Monarchy
Current Leader: Caliph Hozni Al-Shar
Coat of Arms: a black raven on a bright blue field
Exports: salt, gems, spices, livestock,

The Verassi Dominion is a thriving civilization, located in far southern Azoria, below the Red Wastes. Its population is made up of a mixture of Eloysians, Verassi, and Tasloi.

The capital of the Dominion is Irskaan, which is the largest Verassi city on the Continent. Outside of the city walls, the Verassi are mostly a desert-dwelling folk, used to the harsh climates of the Red Wastes and the Plains of Chalk.

Today, most of the nation's wealth derives from its sales of gems found in the scattered mines at the western base of the Dragonsbreath Mountains and the profitable salt and spice trade.

Local History

The Dominion was founded long ago, and for nearly 800 years was a successful, independent power on Azoria. That all changed in the year AR 71, when its people were conquered by Emperor Etros of the Eloysian Empire, after a bloody, seven-year campaign.

For many centuries thereafter, the vast wealth and resources of the Verassi people were controlled by Hamanid governors, appointed in Sanjakar. Even after the fall of the Empire, the Verassi Dominion has never again achieved the dominance it once possessed. Today, the Dominion is only a second-rate regional power.